Wednesday, July 27, 2016


The current test bed is due for an upgrade / side grade.

Starting with my current S14, underneath is a RWD DRB-R Rear Motor re-drilled Stock Chassis

It's pretty effective with ultra fast pivot around the central battery, in fact a bit too fast to be realistic.

For this machine, I'm converting it from DRB-R to DRB-REW spec using the original prototype chassis plates before sale. Any new owner will have a lot of options.

LOW CG is good for sideways yaw rotation and flat behaviour. In order to get the battery dead centre, the central bridge was modified.

The weight shift REW option changes the behavior of the chassis for a different feel. Both are effective.

Just need to re-install the servo for a test and tune. With the ESC mounted at the rear on the right side there's plenty of room to put your battery pretty much anywhere. With the Drift package wiper or an additional belcrank, you could even run a lateral or longdituninal battery.

Ahh, the options.

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