Friday, July 22, 2016

GCRC + D = Gold Coast RC Drift

GCRC + D = Gold Coast RC Drift

Still very much temporary until we finalize the building, schedules and layouts , but we are well on the way.

Hunting walls and outside clips...

as well as deep in clips.

Hoping to create a genuine scale "Feel" to this track.

I think we are in the zone.

It wasn't only me getting in on the action.

Loaning out my chassis for all to try. 

Even on the first day and a temporary layout, smiles galore.

Concrete colour is fairly dark grey and doesn't have that sand yellow colour. 

After adding the tape guide outline, i couldn't help but start a bit of decoration.

Which immediately helped the imagery.

Realistic Error... game over.

There's still a lot of this at the moment. and my wing didn't fair so well. Can't resist the edges.

But the tandems are already back to being manageable.

Twin drift action.

With the small venue 11x5ish max usable surface area requires technical style.

About the only negative, is a bit of abrasion. Tyre marbles will build up nicely.

But  for the end result, I am more than happy to replicate reality.

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