Tuesday, July 5, 2016

RIP Trip.

Tuesday Night was again busy. A bit of following...to be had on the tight twists and long wide sweeps.

Trial of a New DRB Midship was ok on the carpet. even though I am absolutely sure this setup on polished concrete would be terrible.

With ackerman setup at the end of the wiper sweep not quite right, I was surprised with the outcome.

Good enough to more than play.

Lots of power with an 8.5T motor on 100% setting. Corner speeds are a bit rediculous by scale standards.

But nonetheless,  some love the speed and extra intensity that brings.

You have to force yourself to have control and keep your gaps. 

reaction times are way down and constant light collisions are part of it.

Ahh tetsujin curves.!

Suspension .... Tested!

Now the wide stuff. RE-R Double 86 battles. 

were looking good.

I spent a while in between these guys.

managing a 5 car train on the open wide course suited the speed hungry.

Until next week. Time to relax.

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