Friday, July 15, 2016

MIllenium Fried

Battles a plenty. crank it!


The $1 Dollar Lexus is a body that's growing on me. Short overhangs and chunky style.

Quite the mad D1 style.

Joined by some slippery pandoras

for some slide by slide.

 Origin Labo style is still pretty cool.

A small comp saw a good lineup of superstars.

Time for some serious practice.

Sorting out some lines

And some proximity... haha!

the fun was on.

All manner of chassis cranking it up.

hunting the margins.

hunting for angles.

And searching for speed.

With MAX Style

 Battle on!


cool times

Detailed machines door to door.

Where do you use the lock. 

Entry and beyond.

35 on Stage 

D4 Battles

Proximity was the goal tonight.

Many raising the bar, .

showing off their true skills.

Chuck it in

And hang on.

It all ends too soon, and we park it up.

Enjoy your RC flavours.

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