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RWD Buying Guide - Aug 2016

Basic Guide to buying a SCALE RC Drift Car

Scale RWD RC Drifting.

·         Real Scale Rear Wheel Drive

·         Requires electronic gyro

·         Easy to setup and drive on different surfaces

Only really gaining momentum in the last 2 years. RWD has quickly established itself as a force and the future direction for RC Drift. OTB there are now many drift chassis available. More are now coming and there are over 20 conversion kits on the market.  For RWD conversions you need to remove some components from a 50:50 but also add electronics and the ability for more steering.

The key to RWD is an Electronic Gyroscope. Much like RC Helicopters, it’s almost impossible to make the infinite tiny adjustments to balance your machine by hand. In a drift car the gyro acts like a steering rack to slow the servo but also keep the servo in the correct position to prevent spinning. This is very similar to how a real car reacts when you let go of the steering wheel in a change of direction. Driving straight and at reduced angle is also possible. The most flexible for setup.

With only 2 wheels providing forward power, typically these cars are slightly slower equalling a bit more scale speed (depending on surface grip) and the angle is similar to what real machines achieve at different speeds. Low grip slower surfaces like GCRCD require more steering up to 65 degrees but this is equal to Formula D and D1 cars.

Needed: REAR WHEEL DRIVE 1:10 Scale Chassis. Gyro, Dedicated Plastic Drift Tyres.

Needed for UPGRADE from 4WD: front Steering Arm & front Knuckle upgrade depending on brand.

RWD Focussed Brands and Chassis:

YOKOMO is Japan’s Leader in Competition RC Drift Cars for 15 years and RC Cars for 30 years in direct competition with the Tamiya.

Yokomo YD-2                       RECOMMENDED

·         2016 Release “Mature” Setting

·         Dedicated RWD Chassis.

·         Rear Motor Plastic

·         Upgrades available

·         Maintenance Parts Available.

Yokomo YD-2 Plus               RECOMMENDED

·         Rear Motor Carbon Alloy Plastic

·         Performance based

Yokomo Drift Package MR4-TC

·         2004 Release

·         Requires 2015 RWD Drift Package Upgrade RECOMMENDED

·         Mid Motor Plastic 

·         Many Many Upgrades Available

Yokomo Gyro Available

Wrap Up Next is the original RWD conversion maker for Yokomo Drift Package MR4-TC Designs.

Wrap Up Next  FR-D Conversion RWD      RECOMMENDED

·         2013 Release

·         Front Motor Rear Drive

·         Carbon Alloy

·         Solid Drift Package Gearboxes

·         SCALE Layout

OVERDOSE is a small company with its roots in real Drift cars and a focus on tuning cars and cool design.              Premium Products.

Overdose XEX RWD             RECOMMENDED

·         2016 Release

·         Dedicated RWD Chassis

·         Shares some 4WD components.

·         Rear Motor Plastic

·         Carbon Alloy Upgrades available

MST - MAX Speed Technology

Taiwan’s manufacturer with a definite RWD focus.  All MST cars have full upgrades available.

MST FXX-D                             RECOMMENDED

·         2014 Release

·         Front Motor – Rear Drive Plastic

·         Ready To Run Set Available

·         SCALE


·         Front Motor – Rear Drive

·         Carbon Alloy Plastic

MST RMX-D                           RECOMMENDED

·         2015 Release

·         Carbon Alloy and Plastic

·         Mid Motor – Rear Drive


·         2015 Release

·         REAR Motor behind axle – Rear Drive

·         Carbon Alloy and Plastic

MST Gyro

MST FXX-D RTR                     RECOMMENDED

The only RTR RWD

3 Racing Sakura

3 Racing is a Hong Kong based company providing Lower priced drift cars.

Sakura D4 RWD Version

·         2015

·         Dedicated RWD Chassis.

·         Rear Motor Plastic

·         NOTE: Requires some small knuckle upgrades.

Usukani  Upgrade D4 RWD      RECOMMENDED

·         2016 Release

·         Rear Motor Carbon Alloy

Other brands such as Eagle Racing and more are starting to appear and evolve. 

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