Sunday, July 3, 2016

Stuffin' Around.

Check those body posts baby!!!

Underneath is a DRB Prototype that I've been playing with. Mid Mount Rear Drive. Ready for testing.  Spec includes V2 Front end, MST Knuckles ( turned upside down for clearance at angle.) Team Suzuki rear suspension arms and a couple of overdose dress up parts, Ball diff... regular RWD stuff. To make this RWD, All Ive done is remove the front belt and one way, then add my own wiper extensions.  

While already re-drilled in REAR Motor Config, The parts are all pretty standard for a CS upgrade.
My friend has re-drilled a couple of stock chassis I have also for REAR Motor.

It will be a bit of a test on the carpet.

Also a bit of maintenance on my Silver DRB.

Weekends recently are not always RC-Car related. Anyone want some 1/4 Scale Aero?

Anyway, sometimes it's good to take the long way... 

 1.0L Class Special Stages FTW!

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