Tuesday, July 26, 2016

GCRCD Preview

Welcome to GCRCD, Gold Coast RC Drift.

 It certainly didn't take long for us to get in position for maximum attack!!!

Lap after Lap the gaps were closing.

Less than an inch from the wall and closer together. 

More than a few getting in on the action.

 Full Speed high angle slides were only part of the fun.

After the big slides, you still have to continue 

And continue they did. 

Picking up the training partners. 

 Good to see the boys back on track.

CS as usual takes a little more time to familiarize finding the right ratio to grip combo.  

But the laps were soon coming.

with style

But for me it was fun.

I handed over the keys for a few laps. 

the guys were trying new things. 

And having some fun.

But ultimately, there was just a lot of fun tight battles.

Even though GCRCD is quite small, there is a definite challenge and fun reward.

We are still awaiting changes to the building so in a couple of weeks, a real transformation will take place.  

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