Tuesday, July 5, 2016

ARRC - Augmented Reality RC

AR is Augmented Reality

Would you like to run the scale look 3d streets? Yes! Would you like to run a scale look 3d circuits? Yes!
Can we use this for RC? … Will it work? Yes (with limitations).
If you are interested...

The Augmented “A” side

The move from a flat empty carpark to fully detailed 3d environment is here and almost right now.
What augmented reality means for the immediate RC world is having a big empty space in reality and a world of cool in 3d.

Running on detailed roads, your car flashing past light poles, trees. Running in and around buildings, through waterfalls, fire and rain. Over bridges and yourself completely immersed in the imagery and experience.

Drifting / racing through country styled roads, city streets, past your favourite coffee shop etc to totally modern 3d electronic worlds.

We can combine the “driving experience” with 3d reality.

While current photography is not supported. Thee is no reason why an iphone/ipad app wouldn’t be able to capture photographic images. Full Video Capture by every player through their goggles would definitely be possible.

Sounds awesome!

The Reality "R" side…
  •      The limitations are at the moment a FLAT and mostly LEVEL playing surface.
  •       The physical size restrictions of your track remain
  •    Cost of a 3d world & Hardware to view the 3d world. 
  •       Lack of interaction in the 3d world.  

The flat world is not absolutely necessary but porting a specific 3d model to non-flat surface would take some customisation. Some flexibility might be built in for contouring, but we are basically looking at flat worlds.

Physical sizing is restricted as the map of your track should be real size. 1/10.
Scrolling screen or changing maps may be possible in the future

3d modelling Costs or the purchase of a Virtual Track is necessary.
There’s a lot of time spent building / buying these 3d worlds and time is money. Let say $5000 (shared by members)
After that customisation could be just a game console or PC environment based on the world of existing 3d modelling. Eifel Tower etc.
3d goggles remotely delivering and rendering by a high quality camera / PC backpack. (tech here is not standard)
Surely a AR setup would rival the cost of Playstation + Goggles. Let’s say $1000

Only the players and those viewing through an app would get the full experience.

However.... Interaction will come...
Hitting special locations on a virtual track could make visual impacts like explosions or sound interactions from a crowd.
You can check your speed and angle (drift points) through a Virtual Display. (these would come later as specific items for RC Drift) with full car sound from sliding/braking etc.
Virtual Smoke!!!
Driving through a virtual building might not be an issue, how will they react in this situation.
Can you look inside the building if your car is there?
Physical restrictions such as barriers , trees, walls etc, do not exist. Collisions are not possible.
Newcomers are stuck with an empty room. Perhaps some tape markers on the floor.


Simulations always tackle the EASY first. Like a flat world and basic layout. The complicated comes later.
The 3d limits are also hard to see right now.  How far to you go before the full simulation takes over from the ½ simulation to full simulation. How does the hobby evolve around it.

We have already seen a full size camera rig for a Virtual Car. Would you like to run ANY car body on your RC Car? Maybe? Paint and shoe goo replaced with a 3d model fitted by a virtual body?

These photos were taken with the free Augment 3d app for iphone. Open your mind and look to the future. In 3-4 years we will be virtual RC drifting.

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