Saturday, December 31, 2016

2017 Cometh...2016 Goeth

Happy New Year Everyone.

Let's look back at a crazy top 50 for 2016

First up... 2016

We decided to start a team build.

Soon the A~Bo~Moon inspired R32s were spawning

GCRC was changed up as the premium venue for drift.

Even this machine was getting some use.

My DRB-REW design chassis were getting to a solid setup.

But we were still learning so much.

and CS were still alive and active.

Tuesday nights became more dedicated RWD focussed and all my chassis were changed to Rear Wheel Drive. 

The  GCRC Circuit had some festivals. S-Chassis Festa

saw the mix of RWD and 4WD.

A new addition to the A-Bo_Moon crew which didn't stay long as I continued to hand these off to new owners.

My Setup remained pretty well unchanged since early in the year when the DRB-REW became front servo.

I even changed the Ninja Van to RWD. So much Fun!

Most RWD runners began to run very well in the Train style.

Battles were intense as everyone raised their skill level.

After some training sessions, images like this became a regular occurrence.

The boss bodies were imported and sorted.

around the classic day

Last outing for my Gemini and Commodore before heading to new owners.

Lots of quality drift was had, However we were to lose GCRC.

I debuted what was to become my workhorse Skyline for the latter part of 2016. 

 Everyone made the most  of the last weeks. And a few new DRB-REW chassis were sold.

40 of these made their way into the world.

Very proud to have created something like this and 4 of them filled my garage for the middle part of 2016 as I progressed through Prototype, Version 1.0, Version 1.1 and 1.2 changing small parts each time.

It was around this time that we needed a new venue. It started out rough.

But GCRC-Drift became our home.

We were lucky to keep all the track detail and soon we were back on track.

The Skyline Crew Grew

and we had some epic battles as we learned to operate in the tight venue

I now had too many chassis so some were offered for sale.

I picked up a couple of "practice" and comp bodies.

Were were having fun!

I organised a tour with 2 Driftline members.

And headed to Japan. What an amazing experience

Trying different surfaces

different styles

Tried different chassis

 and joined some amazing trains

and learned soooo much.

Culminating in I might say... an ultimate test of our newly acquired and consolidated skills.

Upon return I focused on a few new new styles which meant making more room and clearing out some DRB-REWs

sacrificing DRB-REW for this FR-D which has now further evolved.

I tried the YD-2 and wasn't impressed with the over-hyped chassis. Not until it was tuned did it start to come alive.

RC actually created a real desire to move back to RWD fun.

 Awesome drifting is now happening every week at GCRCD.

Final upgrades complete my 2 DRB-REW and I finish the Year with FR-D and Mini DP in the garage

So muich good happening right now. Lets keep that momentum into 2017

Some special projects already underway.

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