Sunday, November 26, 2017

Drift Package DP-REX S13 Update

 With a few people after a closer look, lets go inside.

I call this the DP-REX

DP-REX is going well, so small tweaks only.

DRift Package base is all but gone. Upgraded in every place.

.RSG. Upper Chassis Plate
.RSG. Rear Chassis Supports
.RSG. Wiper Extensions
Overdose Wiper for Drift Package
Overdose Servo Saver
Overdose Main Chassis Plate - Modified (droop tabs removed and narrowed)
Overdose Chassis Brace - Modified (for lateral battery)
Overdose Gear Case for Drift Package Front
Overdose Ver.I Shock Tower Front
Overdose Upper A Arm Set Front
Overdose Lower Y Arm Set Front (modified for clearance)
Overdose Gear Case Support Brace Front
Overdose A Arm Support Brace Front
Overdose Gear Case for Drift Package Rear
Overdose Gear Case Support Brace Rear
Overdose Suspension Mount Set FF.FR.RF
Overdose Adjustable Suspension Mount Set RR
Overdose Ver.I Shock Tower Rear
Overdose Shock Adjuster Rings

Overdose Shock Upper Cap
Overdose Shock Lower retainer
Overdose Ball End
Overdose DRB Steering Wiper L & R (Rear Roll Modification)

3 Racing Monoshock Mount (Front Roll Modification)
Wrap Up Next Nervis Motor Mount - Centre
Wrap Up Next GX knuckle Ver3
Wrap Up Next GX knuckle Shaft

Wrap Up Next Weight Sets
Wrap Up Next M3 Extensions for front Track 
Active Hobby Lower Suspension Arm - Rear
Yeah Racing Rear Upright
Yeah Racing Body Mount
TN Racing Heavy Duty Ball Differential Set

Yokomo Gear Holder
Yokomo Rear Stabiliser Bar
Yokomo YD-2 Diffuser
Yokomo Ball and Cup
Stainless Hex

Original remaining Parts...

Yokomo A-Arm pin
Yokomo Drive shaft (modified Shorter)

OMG! Really! Thats why I have the original plastic DP running again too.

Sanwa M12
Sanwa Servo SRG BLX
Sanwa Receiver RX482 Wireless Antenna
Sanwa SGS-01D Gyro
Addiction Metal Cover
Keyence Luxon KG 7.5T (65%-100% depending on desired style)
Keyence Tachyon
Keyence Capacitor Chevalier Dash
Gear - 17pinion - 88spur
Rear Ball Diff

Yokomo Wheel +8

Front setup... the mono shock is set level but obtains 1/2 travel under rebound/droop/acceleration and 1/2 travel under compression/dive/braking. Ride height is a little deceiving here because the battery lowers the rear a little and raises the front.

Rear is also set to have a lot of travel, as much droop as compression. Stabiliser is a new addition for testing. just to get the chassis to self correct a little better as it rolls a lot.

this link makes it all possible.

This is the chassis rake I strive for. Body mount accentuates the image.

Rear is narrow and the tyre disappears under the body regularly. Rear Tyre Topline TDT-002 HDPE

Front is wide and high although compresses under high speed downforce and more under braking to the point where the splitter regularly scrapes. All Fenders and bumper are removable.  Front tyre Speedline CR-1

Springs are RC926 "Sugoi Yawarikai" (Really Really soft) with the softest installed. Oil is Losi-10Wt

Lets sit here... Oops... Yes it's soft!

Ready for the track... Competition Style.

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