Saturday, November 25, 2017

GCRC-D Style

Saturday morning, It's usually time to slash out!  Twin Drift games for the Win!

 Recently I've been handing over the Dp + S13 to anyone. getting their feedback has been fun. I also get more pics.

The guys don't muck around as they explore the limits.

5 laps they usually pick up the style.

Right on the door. No time to adjust really.

go a little wide and you will be swallowed up.

but we love that on line action.

RB S13 looking cool.

When on your own, explore the limits between angle...

... and speed

Hard on the brakes...

and bring on the power... 

ABC S13 is pretty scale in proportion.

D-Like Body... Hmmm. not so much.

Sharp and flat edges are great 

But they both are pretty cool.

Dynamics without aero always change.

180SX still looking good many years on.

Hook in

power up!

Even though these are out of focus, we do sometimes get it all wrong. 

somehow a desire to change direction turned into understeer...

the brakes are on... but there's nothing you can do as that barrier approaches... AhhhhhhhhhG.

Chase car takes evasive action as the wall claims another victim... 

at least these RC machines don't have the same costs as crashing a real car.

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