Thursday, November 30, 2017

GCRCD Final Countdown

For the past 18 months, GCRCD has been a huge commitment. With the member's lives evolving faster than the hobby, we have decided to step back from managing our own venue and sadly, GCRCD enters the last month of sessions before we close.

Come and visit, grab a last drift and enjoy the final countdown.

This is a long post. so scroll down and witness the evolution.

With a narrow venue we penciled in a track and went from there. the surface was rough, but we soon had it smooth and operable.

The goal for the track design was to create a street & circuit feel. 

So grass was an important component.

I experimented with different street looks...

 And this "Touge" section was always a favourite.

 I'm really not a fan of the red/white theme, but the Team Tetsujin curve riding is addictive.

R32 Skyline Low Style Project continued to create awesome looks through 2016

and three of us represented on a trip to Japan. we learned so much.

bringing what we learned back to AU.

Decoration around the track continued to evolve. but we eventually had to remove some trees as many requested more visibility.

GCRCD is definitely Aussie style.

We always had a stream of visitors.

That need to come to grips with the challenging nature of a track. By the narrow with it becomes inherently technical.

Sometimes adding more temporary elements when the small layout became tired.

 We leaned to run shallow, fast and aggressive competition style, as well as deep, slow and managed trains.

By the end of 2016, everyone was driving so well, we were ready for more.

Enter the GCRCD Team Project Car Liveries.

The first two were built almost a year ago.

and others soon appeared.

the mix was getting good.

 And the scale was up!

More and more twins appeared. The Circuit Dr, Kuso shitbox AE86 project was fun too.

emulating reality requires a mind shift.

Pink twins for bashin'

The figures were now a part of photography.

 as much as the scenery.

Props were still very much in use.

training days to raise the level.

Led to wonderful nights.

We had added an experimental raised section that was temporary due to a lack of space but soon this would change.

we tested a p-tile surface

that flowed from the epoxy with little change in grip.

More team machines...

Another trip to japan... I returned with the confirmation that we had raised our level indeed

GCRCD was solid.

Huge high speed "Ebisu" Hump entries are now part of regularity.

The new layout included detail pieces then just "looked right"

Day or night. we played more.

RWD became the main and again, it just looks right. Tune became refined.

Silvias everywhere as usual.

Always looking good.

The hump has become a favourite part of the circuit. We have many lines so you definitely don't get bored.

For the bulk of the year i found myself building S13 team shells.

But when anyone finishes a shell, GCRCD is THE photo spot!


or action,  We've taken a few thousand images and some videos.

So maintaining the RE-Xtreme RC Blog is always that cherry on top.

We have ended up with a flexible layout with elevation and fast & slow combinations that are awesome.

And the times I spend at GCRCD are always fun. However, with all that time invested, our members have evolved too with our families, jobs and our other hobbies limiting the time we can dedicate to GCRCD.

The circuit itself will close late December. So join us for some sliding sessions.

Tuesday Nights and Saturday Mornings.


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