Friday, November 24, 2017


Prepare for a lot of pics... Movement in stills is hard to capture

Check that rear tyre, tucked up inside, diffuser near the deck. This is maximum shift!

My target was to build a modern D1 replica. If you've been following the trends, you'd know they are wide up front, narrow in the rear and have a lot of chassis rake. they also are softly sprung and pitch and roll a lot.

I think I have achieved this. My previous setup was a bit different, but this monshock up front helps to keep the front on track while the rear get's the traction it needs.

long shock required to enable droop under rear squat.  The Overdose Chassis has been trimmed for maximum droop.

the rear has a linked roll mod and the weight up high and battery below also helps the shift.

Balance is very very good. Power is 7.5T Sharp & Smooth with precise finger control. 

It's awesome watching the chassis react. even on slippery no grip epoxy concrete, grip is there.  

the outside rolls onto the fenders.

And the inside is exposed.

in a straight line it all balances out.

Yee haa!

Drive harder!

balance yourself

Maximum Shift!

You never really know what's underneath. But the shift gives you a clue.

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