Friday, November 24, 2017


GTR35 debut


And Battle!

the sticker reads ... HOT RUN EXCITING!

Very Cool!

Reflections make this car disappear

Tamiya + Sfida Grey vs Tetsujin Chrome!

Spastix Chrome is a delicate paint, but this seems pretty good.

Imagery is STRONG

First few laps we were feeling the chassis and body.

Drag and Drift!

Dive in under brakes.

Tetsujin machine just a little flatter.

I'm backing off here for the transition, the chrome machine setting runs a countersteer rear gear ratio, which makes it a bit slow with big wheelspin on the concrete.

But adjust to the speed and we still have fun!

Improvements for next time.

My own Grey GTR like the faster drift as the aero on these bodies works well in a "race sense". Get them to much on angle and that aero can have a different effect.

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