Saturday, November 18, 2017

GCRCD Super Sizzle Session Action!

GCRCD Sizzle Action!

Lets Battle through the diorama!

One of the goals at GCRCD was always to have realistic looking imagery.

Maybe the smoke is not there, but as far as the track and cars go,  I think we nailed it.

Just having a few peeps in the background helps the fun.

flag hunting.  

This is huge gap for us... but it doesn't last long.

because it soon closes up.

And the doors get some pounding.

Play time is fun!

Don't look into the light!!!!

track time is key to skill

I think in the last year, Track time is definitely in the 400+ hours for me... is that too much!?!

Thats why these days, I'm happy to take a break.

Some chassis don't even get a run.

Early starters find space.

Suzuki-san's BN Style FC replica still looks cool!

Here's that Z!

Getting the ladies in a frenzy.

right on target.

What drift day wouldn't be complete without an AE86 

Sile ON!

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