Saturday, November 11, 2017

GCRCD 20171111 Part 1 - Battle Trains

GCRCD Team cars put on a show!

No matter who is in the train these days, it's always entertaining. 

Sometimes it's closer .

and sometimes it spaces out.

But one thing is for sure... 

It's just constant lap after lap. Even if someone drops out for a phone call.

We continue on... Crank up the angle!

Hold the corners longer for more side by side time. 

Adjust speed to the lead car.

This was a strange position... but it all worked out.

but with 30 mins disappearing in a flash.

A direction change gets called.

But nothing changes... tight close battles.

2,3,4,5 cars..

This direction bring the hump entry into play. It's one of the places I built into the track design. Any gradient must be gentle.  

We started to go for some big downhill entries.

and we all started linking them too.

after this corner, it continues into a long long high power 

So we go FULL THROTTLE and hold the steering angle.

coming back the other way. feather on to high speed, then throw... Backwards entry for the win!

Newest Member...Next week. the full lineup will be on board. Saturday Evening Event.

So now...

S13s in Gold, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Purple, Sil80 in Blue and Red, Z in red, Supra in Orange.
Can we get 9 cars on track?

that would be monsterous!

Check facebook for event details.

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