Tuesday, November 14, 2017

GCRCD 20171114 Team Battles

Rollin Rollin Rollin!

GCRCD Team cars have been getting a workout recently.

Every week, there's a lot of action

When we run the reverse direction, 1/2 the track is door to door and ...

... 1/2 is minimising angle no oversteer that sets up for a huge entry.

 building speed we have to come off this corner pretty much straight

heading to the inside of the track.

then we turn across the track and really power up (maybe a touch too much here.) 

Then initiate over the hill.

getting close at high speed is a challenge as everyone comes out of the corner and applies power in slightly different ways. A touch of wheelspin can throw you sideways and loose a few inches which really effects the entry. 

get it right and you will be absolutely side by side.

looking cool!

car setup also can dictate line. how aggressive you are etc...

I loaned my gold S13 and the first time driver was doing pretty good.

Here you can see the new stance on my S13. Wide front and rear squat under power. It also rolls a lot in mid corner.

DRB-REW bro's hook in!

Big Entry Specialists

Not always perfect... as usual that 1 perfect entry takes time.

drive around the spinner. catch the fender... rippin!

Saturday, we will be holding a special event. part comp, part fun.

Bring you good stuff... to GCRCD!

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