Saturday, November 11, 2017

GCRCD 20171111 Part 2 - Battles

 Battles continued.

New wings really make a difference to the DRB-REW + SFIDA R35 handling. 

 While we battle hard, we pick up the others.

Miura's designs of bodykits include a number of customers. their own Pandem (previously rocket bunny) are the mainstay. Sold under Trust - Greddy brand and variations for Liberty walk are just a few. 

Double trouble.

on line. (I'll bring the MX5 out later)

But there was a lot of awesome action.

sometime's Jay's S13 was a 1/2 lap behind, 

then suddenly Bingo!

Walls don't scare us anymore.

I think that's pretty good.

Hold that line to the wall!

I think everyone thought this would be a hit, It seems they all fell backwards...

But don't be scared of the wall.

Chase down anything. CS RX3 on line.

Battles are everywhere.

these gaps don't last long.

The next lap

Under the Digger. It was close close close.

Next target

Find another RX3. There were many.

Blue style.

Orange POP!

 Battle on @ GCRCD.

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