Saturday, November 18, 2017

GCRCD Super Sizzle Session Show!

 Sizzle Time!

Six Hour Session! Slide + Sizzle.

GCRCD Team Battles galore!

Lets check out the static action/

Anything grey will fit in.

Troy's "blue" Cefiro!

Jay's Pink Pandora Labo S13

James' Purple Pandora Labo S13

Dave's glitter blue D-Like S13

Me.. Russ' Gold D-Like S13

Jess' New Red Sil80

Jon's Blue Sil80

Mart's Orange Supra

Missing the shoot was Joji's Z, absent was Neale's red, Aryn'z green, Dave's Fire S13, Nahi's Purple Labo.

thats 13!

Differnt angles find different details.

Drivers make the difference.


Bumpers are optional, depends on grip level and handling preference.

New Meat! One year of degradation to catch up.

They look amazing in action... Video to come.

Super proud to have the RSG design livery so well adopted.


Twin Tina!

Driftline Driver

That's only half the story. 

Street Style on Point.

And those Weekend Machines.

Some evolve more than others. 

This one has been through 2 colours, 2 countries and changes every time I see it. 

The white 86 I built a few years back has returned from NZ. It's had some massive hits but wont need much to get back to gloss.

R35 mini meet, Sfida + Tetsujin + Yokomo

New and pretty. but just a couple of loose details from travel damage. I didn't even notice when I took the pic. 

While different, they are pretty close.

Chunky Cool!

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