Sunday, December 31, 2017

2018 Stocktake

Swing into 2018... Lets take stock of the .RSG. Garage.

I dragged everything out of the boxes and off shelves to try and get my mind around what I have left.

Ive done a bit of downsizing in the last year to only 4 drift chassis and an M-touring car. 10 bodies in RC land is not excessive.


.RSG. RE-Xtreme RC, DRB-REW adorns the Sfida GT-R35. This works very well as a high speed drift car. because od the smooth aero side profile, it;'s actually not that great at angle when the down-force suddenly disappears.

Since moving the DRB-REW to the R35, The workhorse has become my .RSG. / OD / Nervis / Drift Package (DP-REX). The X designates a link with link / cross suspension movement. I am loving this machine.

So much so, it needs a new body to replace the 2017 S13, but that may take a while.

Since the RB front bar was destroyed, I don't have same feel for my FD3s. It works amazingly well aerodynamically. But the stock look front bar annoys me so it's unmounted and may be put in the unused box.

Unmounted at the moment are these 5.

RWB 993 will unlikely see any track work ever as being almost a "hard" shell, it is the shelf king!

Combining two Tamiya 993 GT2 to extend the wheelbase and width was a challenge.

"5 dolla slider" is the one that might get more use as an outdoor basher. 

My other Lexus fits the 4 door Waru style. It will soon be replaced on the FR-D  where it should be.

My 2016 BN Sports R32 low style project is now officially retired. It will go in the box with the S14 as a momento.

FR-D will be swapped from under the S14. and he FR-D Chassis V3 Alloy chassis will receive it's full de-anodising. BLING to come.

And that leaves my DP. Well, my short DP RF-Concept-R at the moment. 

Its just a bunch of fun.

And even when it's on the shelf, it has it's own life.

So 2018 inital Plan..

DP-REX + New FD3s D1 Spec
FR-D + IS-FSport ( still for sale )
DP-RF-R + Hiace ( still for sale )
M-05 + MX5

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