Tuesday, December 19, 2017

GCRCD 20171219 NFS

I feel The Need...

The Need for Speed!

As soon as I arrived tonight, the track was pumping

 Cars weren't static for long.

Just long enough for the details

 As the guys set off in search of tandem.

 Bunny Bro's

Yes that's a wooden car. Joke! but looks cool.

Rx3 hooked up.

The guys had started draining their batteries early and were well on form.

CS vs RWD... no problem.

Just don't expect to be exactly on the same line ALL the time.

You do know that Sil/80 style typically comes from 2 big accidents, don't you?

Ever seen a lilac Commodore with fluro orange windows. You have now. 

Run what you brung.

New debuts.

Good to see another DRB-REW among this pair. 

R33 Double Take

One is a newcomer to GCRCD and quickly adjusted to the surface.

Soon both were on line.

And firing over the hill  

so this is where we focus ...

The fast line was definitely in play tonight.

I loaned out the S13 to the youth.

And youth can adjust quickly.

And soon cracking it. I stepped back to take photos.

Most times when the track is busy.. delicate bumpers come off. 

Space opens up and fear disappears.

So just ATTACK!

some awesome battles emerged.

 with some pleasurable laps.

 Yep that's actually 4 deep which is a little hard to manage on the fast line.

Two by two is a bit easier.

 To get it right on the night.

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