Friday, December 15, 2017


Xmas Bash was Fun! 
Raise your game if you want to play rough.

Raphael Drive and Sithe
Leonardo Left Sword Attack and Defense.
Donatello Right Bo Attack and Defense.
Michelangelo Rear Nun-chuck Defense.
April Oneil, Report. 

Want to fight~!?

Short Wheelbase RWD is no different. Just be precise with the steering. 

Check the rear skate action.!

Its a fun time.

Great to see the guys coming into this short corner at full angle.  

 And pushing wide!

Sometimes narrowing up.

to get close. 

Sliders! Game on!

Its Xmas Time.

go Mikey!

Santa aka Bean.

Join the attack 

 Hang loose!

Get some onlookers

theme is great!


This was a lot of fun.

Chasing Bean's YD2-EX with my Drift Package DP-M-R

Also some on track attacks/

with intense action, we needed some breaks.

Awesome, Bodacious, Crazy, Dope, Extreme!

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