Friday, December 8, 2017

GCRCD 20171209 Bunnies and More

Bunnies came out to play.

New builds are always a nervous debut.

With a bunch of regulars out to play. 

the Silvia vs Rx7 theme was on! Nissan vs Mazda  comments let fly.

Special debut.

deserves it's own close up for this long build.

Getting your vision to reality with any RC shell + custom kit is a long process.

50-100+ hours can pass in a hurry.

But as the saying goes... hard work pays off.

Two debut machines on display.

Pandora Datto 1600  / Bluebird 510 sss keeps bumblebee happy.

ABC S13 Mine Version is a cool beast.

Matching the  7 nicely. White and Bronze FTW.


but go deeper and add more angle!

go for your targets.

My driver was learning about the lack of grip in my plastic DP.

RX7s on form.

Putting the RC Mart flags to good use

I cut out the rear of the FD to get the diffuser working even more.  As I've said many times, the rear aero on this car

 Pipes! Chang-able Lights always add that extra level.

 More bluebirds.

Only a couple of more weeks until the scenery will change also.  

GCRC+D has been a crazy journey.

 Next meet in Friday Night 15th for a Xmas bash

Ive been informed Santa will appear.

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