Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Perhaps the final session ... We definitely made it count!

The afternoon started with a colourful display as usual. 

But it wasn't long until the walls were bare, the infields were removed and only a few lines remained.

our raised area was removed we returned to almost nothing.

I moved a few figures and a couple of barriers in a temporary nature. and as we had moved all our remaining decoration to one area we made the most of it.

the end of an era for Gold Coast Scale RC Drift.

using the remaining stacks of official towers as a background. I pushed as hard as I could. It wasn't long before the front bumper had been smashed off.

So I set off again searching for that final big entry...

High Speed.

High Risk. 

High Return.

DP-"REX" and RE-R sweeping the floor.

Something we will need to get used to is a filthy chassis.

YUK! Maintenance will be regular.

Its been a crazy couple of years in my RC journey. While I am decreasing my run time, I will be keeping my tools for regular popup drift festivals.

coming to an airfield style venue near you.

Until the lights go out.

Enjoy it all!

Drift hard.

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