Friday, December 1, 2017


What do we have here? A gold DRB-REW? YES!

extremely hard to photograph, but in person, this is off the chart awesome!

I love Goooooooooooold! Pipe and a pancake?

A couple of requests for the DRB-REW chassis included this SSG chassis and gold.

I have done many many many laps in my own DRB.

and this owners gold machine has also been a regular user. The availability of colored carbon alloy thread graphite which was previously a black CSG plate, now adorns this DRB-REW GL (Gold Limited )

 These three are very different and very similar.

 Gold Member is still using the DRb Steering and servo location. Traction is slightly better with weight in the rear.

Blue boy recently changed to front servo. Front balance aids mid corner speed.

 this opens the chassis for accessories.

 Flexibility has always been the key.

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