Wednesday, December 13, 2017

DP-M-R Turtle Van Reborn!

The Drift Package is a versatile platform. The RF-Concept layout simply adds to the options.

Shortened by 40mm. this is 215mm x 200Wide Square as.

From the GCRC demo van to a machine that now wears the logo's of many circuits and their members, It's kind of a billboard of sorts.  

 I'll eventually cover the outside and inside with more and more logos.

.RSG. Sliders and DRIFTLINE with GCRCD, PIPES!, WIN'S, SHIFT, IROHA, WARU, HOBBY GARAGE, CIRCUIT DR., BEAR'S, SSB, and More. Plus a heap of members, Udachi-san, Dannna-san, Katsupan, Ta--bo0, ZUN ZUN, Head, Kenbro, Fujimon, WanD, Wrecking Ball and remember to Hang Loose courtesy of Michael-san.

April O'Neil coming to you with the next big story on Friday Night. GCRCD Friday Finals!

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