Friday, December 8, 2017

GCRCD 20171207 SSB - Part 1

GCRCD + SSB Visitor. 

Tight Night for 4 Doors and More.

Local boys are already on line.

But Visitors always bring out a bit of fun. Sydney Secret Base member ready for action.

We called on the 4 door action and we were surprised what appeared.

My ISF, with Wrap Up Next FR-D V3

Shadowed by the Sky Barge

Mark 2 represent SSB and FTDL Full Throttle Drift line with FR-D chassis

 Street Spec FTW.

But Because Racecar we get cool! VC commodore action. 

looks pretty good sideways.

in theme.

Setting a Majestic (thats a PUN) line, The boys were settling in. 

And the tight Tsuiso started

Mid corner speed in the FR-D was good in battle with the DRB-REW 

That is a TIGHT transition.!!!!!! Awesome as the guys started to fire.

A good turnout saw some action on the GCRCD circuit.

new body debut. 

as well as this fresh build.

not afraid of the competition.

the green pair chasing hard.

 And starting to train up!

Sometimes tight and sometimes smooth.

You have to call what you want.

Off corner.. straightening out.

as the crowd took breaks, the GCRCD + SSB action appeared as we went for the X-over lines.

Through the removed guard rail.

Sometimes we put on the bash... but it all worked out.

Ive saved the final runs for a second post.

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