Saturday, December 23, 2017

GCRCD 20171223

2017 nearing the end and my GCRCD Sliders Dantai S13 has had a wonderful year of degradation.

 Squeeze in those last battles.

GCRCD Dantai machines vary.

 S13, Laurel and Z are still Nissan.

It's been great to see the driving evolve.

Sometimes so intense we need a break.

Before hammering it out once more.

Stay tuned for some more filmwork. 

Camera targeting the ladies nicely. 

I don't mind lending my car out.

Drift cars are meant to push the limits. I asked my driver to get close. This is job ummm. done.! 

Probably sick of the S13 imagery... But I need a few more shots as the background starts to disappear. 

Cameras away... lets drive!

Now ... lets get serious.

AC driving the S13 and KK in the GTR.

Good Fun! watching these guys.

loving the lean on the mono-link sus S13. 

So Close, So cool!

2016 was the time of the Low Style 32 Project and 2017 has seen the S13 Dantai Sliders evolve to a D1 style. 

Transferring the R32 on the my FR-D means it's a different experience to the OD / Nervis / Drift Package under the S13. 

Flag tag?

Get as close as possible.

With only a week remaining... I'll try and battle as many peeps as much as possible. 

come and play.

Next session 26th night.

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