Friday, December 29, 2017


Final Shots from a final slide at GCRCD - Gold Coast RC - Drift.

Sliders 1:10 Scale RC Members Drift right to the end. 

Large expanses shouldn't mean proximity is reduced, but without a 100 clear line, it's tough.

Eventually a line always presents itself

Speedline have been good to us however with so little tyre wear, orders were less than expected.  

so, I can still totally recommend the CR-1 as a superb low grip tyre and is easy the setup a chassis on these.

I pulled out one of my oldest bodies for a final run under the FR-D.  From the days when running low and hard was the ONLY option for drift.

These days the variety is so large that choosing a style is very tough. There are about 100 different drift chassis variants that when combined with body choice, surface and power, the style really lets you be individual.  

At GCRCD, the tight track and the surface's low grip level created tight tandems.

As soon as you open the track like this, the spread of skill is certainly very evident.

D1 Style Competition breeds speed, risk and impact. Even today, 2 minor breakages sidelined a couple of machines.

Once again we move into a period of unclear direction. 

We have a few carpet options, but I'm just not a fan anymore. Blessed by urethane, concrete & tile, there really is no substitute for slippery surfaces.

I'm looking forward to see what evolves in our local area. Whatever shape it takes, we will find some fun inside or outside.

As for the RE-Xtreme Blog. Content will be lesser, but events will be featured as they occur. 
With my 2016 and 2017 team shells looking a bit tired, I'm also planning a competition style FD3s build of epic proportions, but that will take a long time.

Thanks for following our adventures at GCRCD.

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