Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Max One Setting.

I took the RX-7s back down to Max One in Tokyo to try and get some settings sorted and of course try to step up my driving.

I tried my Tamiya SGT - D Rx7 and the RWB Porsche FD3s Rx7

You wouldn't think a body would have much difference but there are differences in the way they behave. The SGT body has some real downforce!! I guess copying a real race car has it's benefits, because compared to the RX-Porsche with an easier slide factor and lesser control is apparent. Speeds at Max One are not so great but in the faster sweepers, the body seems more stable.

I did all my settings with the Keyence TAO and discovered a new level of drive-ability. I now have gradual power application and a brake setting that works. The car slows with around 30% neutral brake and the brake itself packs a punch with 40% slamming the rear into over steer. I'll probably knock this back a little more but for today it was good to feel the differences the motor and ESC can provide.

It was an interesting comparison. In any case, I didn't destroy anything today so I guess I am improving.
One thing is for sure though. LED's certainly help at Max One. The layout is dark so unless you have some lighting happening, the car is easy to get lost sometimes.

But I do like the place. Stay tuned for some video.



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