Sunday, November 6, 2011

Surging Double X

This is my latest RC Shell. It's a Surging brand Celica XX SA60. The JDM version of the MA61 Celica Supra.
Body is 200mm wide so it can accommodate these Speed Way Pal Panasport G7 +10 Offset with ease.

 I used 6 colours on this one. Anodised Aluminium, Anodised Blue, Anodised Pink, Metallic Purple ( flip ) Gun Metal and Black.

I cut all the masks on my plotter and while the design is how I envisaged, the colours are not an exact match for what I had in mind.

I debated for a while about the purple flip paint. I probably made the wrong choice over standard purple, but it still has a mystery to it.

 In most light it looks more grey than green but when it pops in purple it looks great.

The design is based on a lot of shakotan style cars from this era. '82/3 and the rear lights were styled in a similar fashion.

The body had a shortness to it as the scale was not correct, however this little drag wing gives a length that it needs. It really makes a difference.

This 80s period had a lot of people running on deep steel rims, they look almost as good as the G7 wheels...

... but definitely more period correct.

 Looks great! I forgot to screw on the huge exhaust for the shoot. haha.

The Panasport G7 are way too big for a car of this period, but the effect is very special and updated. The titanium is a great match for this car. Very happy.

Here's a few shots in a darker position. Front details were from an old Levin I had. Luckily it donated some toyota emblems and TRD stickers.

There are a lot of small imperfections, but it was a quick paint job.

The effect is still very cool!

Light plays tricks on this shell.

As you can see.


  1. Hello what a nice car, i come from the Netherlands and i looking and searthen for the Panasport G7 wheels, but i can't no find this beaultifull wheels, can you tell me where i this Panasport G7 wheels can buy?

    You can mail me on

    Tanks greets from the Netherlands Ron


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