Friday, November 18, 2011

RWB Speed Hunter #34

Time to release the final shots before I handed over the body that's now in it's new home.

The diffuser is not for the destination. Just something I had on the chassis at the time.

The finished machine looks AWESOME! Speed Hunter Dino is a GT-R34 lover also so I worked that into his build. I didn't give him much choice in his final product. Maybe One day it might receive a coat of flat clear and side skirts, but for now, it's complete.

RC Bodies are a little chassis specific. So the final tuning was needed on the destination chassis.

I don't feel the extra length is too noticeable. Especially at speed. I need another 3 mm for the rear tyres. but no-one makes bigger spacers. But when the body is mounted LOW. It looks awesome!!!

Dino's awesome shots from MAX ONE, with my build summary is here.

Enjoy the creation. A challenge, but a pleasure to see the RWB style smile. Wide...


  1. hello am looking for tail wing rwb Porsche 933 where I can find this wing complete
    thanks Johnny

  2. Where do I go to buy to have this kit made?


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