Monday, January 16, 2012

RWB G-Force #9 - First Light

Here it is... RWB 993 GT-2 G-Force #9

Complete 99.9%. I am undecided whether to do body panel lines of not. It looks great as it is.

This one has a real rubber splitter cover and the main difference is the side skirts.

The remainder is the same as the Speed Hunter #34 There are small deviations in the rear too.

Pretty tough!!!!! Damn!!! Got Stance.

Its ready for a trial run. It's mounted on the destination chassis but I will have another photoshoot soon with the 19"BBS wheels.

This one I added fenders in one piece at the rear. Check the photo-realistic engine inside.

There's always small things I want to fix, but time is one thing I don't have these days. I want the guys to enjoy their Porsche, not ogle tiny details. The theme is definitely there.

Get the idea. Based on the Tamiya GT-2 Widebody lengthened for Yokomo Chassis. It's not perfect, but its  fantastic.

However there are some small dis-tractors around the car. RWB stickers and lots of detail inside.

I was unsure about white windscreen decal or black. I think the black looks tougher.

225mm of nuttiness. In RC terms, this is FAT! Rear HPI Work rims are +9 with a 6mm spacer.

So there you have it. the second one is done. 6 months after the start. Let's go drift!


  1. my RWB Porsche 1:10 on a short tamiya tt-01

    i've made rwb 911 without changing the wheelbase. i changed the wheelbase of my Sakura d3. unfortunately, it's not done yet. now i'm working with light and waiting for Work meisters +3 (front) and +7(rear)
    And what chassis do you use?

    1. light is custom.
      chassis is drift package.

      rear is 220mm.

    2. I'm sorry, I'm russian and I can't understand the meaning of the word "custom". Can you explain, please?

  3. it is ready, my desert ship

  4. ive seen this on speedhunters...good work


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