Sunday, November 13, 2011

RE-Xtreme Super GT-D FD3s Rx7

I used up some old stickers and mounted this body that I hadn't used in ages.

But there is one major issue with the Tamiya Super GT Body.

Have another look and you will see this issue.

Here it is.... This freaking Spur gear. This is the problem I have with almost all my RX7 bodies.

Luckily the colour doesn't make it stand out too much.

In true D1 style the sticker application is good from far but far from good. Serious poke at +9 offset. Maybe I should put the +6 advan RS on here.

But most D1 cars have massive poke these days.

So I'll leave it like this. Super GT D1 Rx7 Style. the body is on the lowest post holes I can get it, Without adjusting my suspension setting, this is as low as it will go, but luckily it still looks OK. Once you get some angle on, it's cool!

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