Wednesday, December 28, 2011

D-Like RE-RX

 What you see here is the missing link.

I've dubbed the RE-R an RE-RX now because it's so far from the standard componentry.

CE-RX steering system is now in place. It's been strengthened with putty for durability. The original is a bit weak.

About the only issue I had was the motor wiring. But It moved out of the way without drama.

I'll be replacing the bushings with bearings in the future and I have a set of Team Bomer turnbuckles to complete the car.

I will develop a package from this. It won't be cheap, but it will be the best.



  1. Because it is the sentence in the translation site, is it strange in various ways?
    The other day thank you.
    It seemed to become RE-R successfully and was good.
    Because I think that it is January 4 if I go to MAX-ONE this time
    Let's run together again if I can meet.

  2. Today I have work until 6.

    DRB is finished... it needs a test.

  3. hi! nice chassis
    i'm planning to buy d-like re-r. is sj ota suspension arm and steering system fit to re-r?

  4. I don't recommend this chassis.
    You need to change many things.

    RE-R is designed for Drift Package.

    I am not sure about OTA-R. I have not seen one.

    Better chassis is RC-Art White Wolf or RC Art Crimson lightening.

    RE-R is 28000 without many many many many parts.
    White wolf is 44000 with everything!

    Its better to get the White wolf

    By the way JXR is almost the same design.
    check more chassis.

    Sometimes the complete chassis is best.

    1. thank you for your advice :)

      maybe i can buy RC Art Crimson Lightening but this chassis manual language is only japanese? it will be hard to build chassis :/

    2. RC chassis is pretty simple.

      RE-R was actually missing many parts.
      It is not CS already only 50-50

      I added Front one way. rear rigid axle, full gear set of different size and belts. then I changed the steering and i needed to upgrade some Drift package parts also..

      Total cost was about 45000!

    3. so re-r is too expensive
      i will not buy this chassis, ok :D
      where can i order Crimson Lightening? no stock in banzai hobby


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