Monday, December 12, 2011

Drift Package - Test

Adjusted servo direction, set up the throttle position

Camber etc 10deg camber 7 castor rear 4 deg. behaves normally.

... on a side note, I set up a drift package for a friend, and I tried the Kazama rental drift package. They aren't so bad. You don't really need these pricey chassis for fun. You just need to learn how the chassis works.

If you are going to upgrade your drift package, spend your money in this order.
1. FCD 1.5~1.8 and quick steering arms like Team Suzuki and good dampers.
2. Brushless Motor and Speed Control with adjustable neutral braking, braking and power application, like Keyence.

This might be enough to satisfy and you'll find yourself on par with top guys if you learn to setup your chassis.

There are still guys in Japan at the top level running lightweight Drift Package chassis with good power and electrics.

A new chassis won't make you better. The ability to control human inputs like power, steering and braking will definitely help you improve. Chassis is sometimes the first purchase, but think twice.

I think that's the key. Find a consistent chassis and spend time on setup. It's a pain, but it's needed.

Have fun.

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