Tuesday, December 6, 2011

RE-Amemiya FD3s Initial D Tribute "Takumi 7"

Every one knows Takumi from Inital D manga and anime. Well the "Project D" FD never really got past the road car stage and with the manga promising a full on race car styling then I though I'd go RE-Amemiya Initial D style tribute.

I actually didn't but this body on purpose, It's a long story, but it ended up in my possession. It's rough as guts and was once a police car, I actually HATE the shape of the front of this RE-Amemiya STYLED fd3s because is so wrong that it's very unscale.

So I've decided to go to work on it. I removed the headlights and the buckets will be cut to accomodate sleepy lights with LEDs under the covers.

I'm also making a massive splitter and canard set for the front in full time attack style and side diffusers. It will be painted on the top in Mustard Yellow with flat finish and the I'll use matte black and white carbon or chrome on top of that.

Wheels will probably be T&E Black Advan RG-D +6 as these white top line +9 versions are a tad big.


  1. Nice, A new Project.... :) I like it...

    I have the same FD3S body from Yokomo...

    Check it out.....


    What do you think? Sorry for poor quality pic, my camera sucks...

  2. Nice I like the front canards you made.
    My splitter will be bigger and I have some mods to the side

    But don't you agree, the basic shape of the yokomo fd is not good
    Hpi is much cooler

  3. Yup, I'm thinking of Buying an HPI RX-7 with Stage D kit...If i'm lucky enough to find one...

    My Inspiration will be your "RE-Xtreme RC 210 DLM GT2 FD3s"...

  4. They started making them again

    If you use a 200mm version
    You only need a couple of small spacers on the front bumper and rear bumper to make it work

  5. I found 190mm version on TowerHobbies...


    Stage D Aero Body Kit


    A noob question.. Would it make difference if i use 190mm vs 200mm..with Stage D Aero Kit?

    I'm worried about finding wide axles or spacers for the wheels to flush out...

    BTW in kit is HB Cyclone TC with stock axles and using Yokomo Rims with no spacers at all...


  6. I will take a picture of hpi body with stock wheels
    Maybe +9 wheels will be best
    200mm body is much wider at the rear
    So +12 at least or use spacers

    I never tried 190mm


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