Friday, December 16, 2011

DRB Arrival

DRB 買った!

So I did a lot of thinking about the DRB. It really was the only solution to my body mounting desires.

I looked at the new OTA-R and CER White Wolf and others and they all had the same issues as my RE-R.
I've tried them all. and depending on setup, they are all as good as each other. Once you get to this premium level, the setup is probably more important than the chassis choice. That's where performance comes above the basic starting point chassis, but the main reason is the high spur gear preventing low mounting positions on all. I want to run my awesome HPI RX7s without hacking them to pieces so that meant a shaft drive or the DRB.

The DRB now comes with a lot of extra stuff that others still need modifying like blue aluminium chassis and shock parts, titanium turnbuckles, full bearings, crazy steering angle, etc

The first new item being an included one way front universal and a new current campaign includes a CS ratio of your choice. I have chosen CS 1.8 as a starting point and this should arrive in the next few days being sent directly from Yokomo. The next is the new hi traction chassis that can accommodate a good size spur gear in a cut out, negating the need for the Overdose style chassis.

Yokomo has already addressed a lot of issues with the version 2 hyper drive version and SSG version was visually good, but the latest version includes a few items that sway it into the affordable zone in competition with others.

But one thing that was recommended were the Overdose 8deg castor set with bearings. These have bearings that prevent binding at high angle and most top DRB users run these.

So I'll wait to build it after the Xmas break. Until then I plan to enjoy the RE-R.  Next stop Kazama D-Link next Tuesday. After that it will be stripped to a rolling chassis for sale. 38000 yen if you are interested.


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