Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kazama D-Link Moriya

Hi Ho. I went up to Kazama Moriya today to do some testing. The RE-R is working very, very well now.

I just need to improve my driving. I'm just a tad behind the consistent Japanese guys. Part of that is practice and familiarity with the circuit and the other part is setup. My mission today was to carpet tyre test.

The first thing about Kazama's HUGE carpet track is the power you need.

At Max One, I have too much, but here at D-Link II, I need more top end, but that aside, I am learning about the high speed lines here. It takes me a little while to learn a track but I'm getting better and luckily now I have a consistent chassis to work from.

So on to the tyre test.

Top Line [Moon-R] Carpet Tyres
Active Hobby Carpet Tyres.  <--- recommended

What can I say. I run 10 degree camber up front and 6 degree camber on the rear and the Active Hobby Tyres have SOOOO much more traction on the Kazama track. Acceleration and precision is much better. They have a good contact patch on any angle and under suspension compression or extension.

But mounting wise, they are not so good. The outer edge is very thin for "Style" so they don't bite much on the rim. They need to be shaved for fitment.  I'm using rubber O-rings for mounting and the inner edge of the wheel needs to be shaved a little more to get them stable. I had one front leaving the rim and the others were well seated until a crash. So they need a bit more setup.

They are also a bit larger so that's the effect on acceleration also. Many carpet tyres have a lower profile for weight saving but the larger profile worked a lot better with my setup.

Moon R are consistent, but they don't have near the traction of the Active type. Less camber and they should improve... Contact patch is key.

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