Thursday, December 29, 2011


I didn't have enough time last night to enjoy the RE-RX's new found abilities. So, today was about consolidation and confirmation.

I slapped on the Jupiter DRS-10's which really match the RX-73 Shakotan and headed out.

I took the hook, but I forgot the exhaust... Damn!

I slapped the LED back in also. It's unfortunate that splitters don't last long though.

The venue was pretty empty so Kuni-san and I played chase on a different tight course. I was really enjoying this new-found ability and the car was performing beautifully.

Later on I swapped to the XX and old school rims.

The knight rider in the house.

I also had a close look at the Overdose DRB chassis. It's a nice upgrade, but I can't justify this expense personally.

A de-anodised DRB looks cool. I also have some ideas up my sleeve.

And you always find something awesome at MAX-ONE

Today was Kei-Car drift.

Stay tuned for a video... From me and one from MAX ONE.


  1. judging by the design,the overdose chassis seems to have a very good chassis flex.
    btw how much overdrive are u currently running?

  2. I'm currently at 1.67 but I have a 1.8 Drb underway with the new high traction chassis and overdose front castor carriers

    Most cool chassis I've seen in Japan are around 1.7-1.9


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