Wednesday, December 14, 2011

RE-Amemiya Initial D "Takumi 7" - Part 4

Rough as guts, but tough as nails!! and... it's no where near complete.

I've got a big splitter to go on and I'll be adding these skirts to the side. Sticker courtesy of Dino-chan.

The only thing about this now is, Wheels, basically the white black and silver mean that any wheel looks good. I've tried all my rims and they all look awesome!

Advan RS-D... maybe...

You can see the basic layout for the sleepy eyes, they are just taped in at the moment, I have to paint the light details and set up the LEDs.

Canards I have already and splitter making are next on the agenda.I have a HPI one but I think a custom one is deserved.

Stay tuned.


  1. Wow Looking Good...

    How about the Front Canards, are you gonna make it like AD GT Kit...?

    Like this orange FD......

  2. Yes, something like that. RE-Amemiya ADGT but more Time Attack style.

    The Upper Canards I have that came unused with the body. But I was thinking of making something bigger.

    bending the polycarbonate into the right shape is not easy. so I was trying to keep it a bit square.

    I should have the prototype ready soon.


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