Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Max One Run

Max One Today because I wanted to try some things.

1. I confirmed my chassis is FUN FUN FUN.
2. I confirmed tyres make a lot of difference.
3. I confirmed my driving is B level.
4. I saw some intersting stuff.
5. I confirmed that you don't need bling to be good.

It's Xmas time at max one. Santa Clause and Mini Xmas trees. The RE-R is awesome now.

I managed to squeeze this FD onto my RE-R with about 0.5mm clearance on the spur.  This is the RE-R Chassis. White wheels with Moon-R tyres.

Good but... this is actually a drift package.

Secret Project.

The Active Hobby tyres simply grip! Maybe too much as speeds are fast! But braking, Control and simply all round better.

Anyway these two guys were awesome drivers and the chassis they were running makes you wonder about carbon belt drive, alloy cost.

Practice makes perfect. These guys have great skills.

And they thrash you with these things. A drift package with simple mods and a plastic OTA-R31. Esc and motor are good quality. Constant line and angle is their weapon.

 This starlet was pretty wild with typical shakotan bent number

But what's this?

Drift Truck? it was fast... why?

Isn't that an M chassis with a dead set of wheels?

No It's a heavy, 3x540 engine M chassis. But it works... Amazing.

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