Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Maximum One

Today I headed to Max One Tokyo as usual and I thought I had myself dialled in. My driving was fine by myself, but I couldn't get close to anyone else on the track. It wasn't fun. They would simply close in and pass.

There was something fundamentally wrong. With the low grip tyres I couldn't get control
So I changed to the Active tyres, and with high grip tyres it was better and felt good again, but there must be something wrong...

So I asked the "Pro" guys to drive my car and they recommended steering response was slow? How can that be? I have a Brushless Sanwa Hi Spec SSR Servo and it's basically the best on the market.

Well it turns out there is even more wrong with the standard RE-R than I though. The steering mechanism has now been completely thrown away... It's junk! To get these 1.8 CS chassis under real control you need super fast steering.

With great advice from the community. I now have something really special so maybe the RE-R will remain for the time being. I also have something to compare. I know what good feels like.

I installed a used steering system from a RC-ART white wolf and although it has wierd geometry, I now have much more steering. I've even had to trim the front sponge bumper away.

This change is amazing. After resetting,  the extra steering angle makes the car so much fun to drive!  I won't say easy, because there is still a lot of skill and concentration required, but now its really on another level. I don't feel like anything is wrong. Its almost perfect and I played for about an hour with the guys in tripple drift.

I was trying my best with my skill before, but now I feel the gap is only 5% not 15%  I have confidence again I don't have to do anything but have fun now.

I'll take some pics of the steering tomorrow. But for now I've removed the RE-R from sale. It's really that good. The only issue is, do I want to start the DRB?


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