Sunday, December 11, 2011

DRB decision time

What do I need in a drift chassis?

I think I know. Variety.

I like the changeability of body as much as the driving. Kind of like playing a video driving game and spending a lot of time in the paint and panel shop to get the perfect look.

I think that's why I have 1 chassis ,10 bodies and 20 sets of rims.

So for me the only solution is a DRB as it's the only twin belt drive chassis low enough to run most of my body-shells. My beloved RX7's have been on the shelf for too long. I like the twin belt drive simplicity of the RE-R and it performs very well. But it's not compatible with my style choices.

So I have to make a choice. Everyone will tell you the DRB is not perfect. But the guys here in Japan have solutions for most of the issues and small enhancements for perfection.

Yokomo's second release Hyper Drive tensioners and newly included free front one way and free counter steer upgrades have made these an interesting option again.

But they are still pricey after adding a set of alloy 8degree caster knuckles.

I have been doing some research. Can I handle the cost? Second hand? or New?

Do I need to sell the RE-R. Maybe the answer is yes... Stay tuned.

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