Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Enjoy RC Drifting!

Ok, Well this post is about satisfaction. I have my RE-R chassis to a point where it's a lot of fun. 2~3 hours of driving today was fun. This Celica Supra XX has has about 7 hours of running at this unforgiving circuit and only a few scars.

The steering arms, were the final step in making this capable and complete. The remaining possible tuning is purely cosmetic. Titanium screws and turnbuckles, alloy suspension arms and castor carriers will not be added. For me, this is enough for my D-like RE-R Drift package conversion.

I bought some Top Line "Mars" N-Model Wheels in +9 offset today and some nicely curved top line "Moon R" carpet tyres. They really look good and work well.

I didn't take the RWB FDPorsche today, which was a shame because this green one was doing some nice laps.

A few guys out to play is always good. The white wheels really help visibility. I can really see what angle they are at all times. This is actually quite useful and necessary at a dark circuit like this.

I managed to find some quiet time for a few shots on the expressway section.

I must get a driver for my bodies, it always looks a little fake without.

But I imagined being on an overpass taking these pics. Three levels down.

Or maybe a helicopter in chase.

I leave you with the Knight Rider flashing LED. It's too cool! But driving is more fun.

ps, sorry for the crap iphone shots.

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