Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Chassis Choices?

Which is the best? I'll tell you a story. I've owned 4 different drift chassis now and my conclusion is... they are all the same in the end. A modified high end drift chassis can start as anything, but today I ran with all chassis of all configurations. Every one capable of side by side, nose to tail action.

A better question is "Which is the most cost effective?" Out of the box capable of great things. Is it this RC-Art CE-RX with just a few pulleys or a new DRB only needing some knuckles.

Is it this Street Jam OTA-Zeon in all it's "heavy" colored alloy glory.

Is it this OTA-R with a central Tail Slider battery conversion? Or is something like my TA-06 with full carbon chassis conversion the best.

How about a drift package with Active Hobby full carbon drift conversion.

Or is it this close to stock "doripake" with a big GOLD BAR for weigh tune the answer.

I've stopped thinking about what's best. In Japan there are so many conversions and converted conversions that I don't even know what half of these chassis are anymore.

The driver is more essential than any chassis. Whatever you have is probably good enough. Chassis 30% , Setting is 30%, 30% is driver, 10% is that special concentration and magic to get it all to work together and quickly change the right thing to give yourself the advantage for the win or reduction for fun.

That's what we need to find.


  1. "The driver is more essential than any chassis"
    I agree.
    I buy a chassis because I like it, not because his reviews are nice (expect for bad quality stuff...).
    It's as for a 1:1 car, some people buy it because they like it, other buy it because of his HP...

    I bought a VDF because of the price, for his general conception and because It's TAMIYA and I only got TAMIYA chassis.

    This chassis isn't the best at all, for sure, because there is a lot of things are badly made, a lot ! But I like that, I don't know if you already see my mods (for VDF or my TB-03) but I love mod a chassis, more that make bodies...

    A lot of people says "Why have a beautiful/clean chassis while when you put the body you can't see it ?"
    It's true but for me It's as important as have a nice body.

    In this post, there is only 2 chassis that I love : Your (because it's beautiful) and the Tail-Slider CE-RX (It's a ALEX CER not a STREETJAM OTA-R ;) ) because of his conception, the conversion...

  2. gentlemen

    i think this "The driver is more essential than any chassis." is the truth for me...i play with my hpi sprint 2 cs 64% and i make joke to my friends with with their full optional vdf...ha ha ha

    this is our small video and my car is the red m3



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