Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Max One Drift Style

I had a very hard choice for the top shot on this article. But my FD simply looks SUPER COOL!

I started my track day with my DRB and RWB FD. Check how low I have it now. +9 Miesters! I think Nakai-san would approve of the stance!

However this setting is a little strange. I usually run +12 on the rear so it's a little twitchy. I WAS happy today as my Kazama light set suddenly started working... Yes!

but the rear is sooo bright it's like a jet! maybe I should tint the rear lights.

Imo-san's AE86 arrived and as usual was side by side all day. Welcome!

But then it was TA-06 time. I installed the MAD WIDE "Shakotan" MONSTER FD and took some photos. I LOVE this body. Yokomo Vertex FD3s + ABC hobby "Works" Over-fender set and my design graphics.

I hooked up the exhaust and I was just taking some shots and i certainly got attention. The other guys joining me for an impromptu photo shoot.


Imo's Hachi!

I'm sorry I didn't catch this visitor's name, but it was fun running in triple and quad drift. Chance circuit style Chaser.

 I was playing around on the camera too. F1.8 50mm and a (the cheapest) Canon X50 DSLR.  

Yamada-san offered to take some pics, this one was cool! but asked him to drive and I took some great shots as I'm familiar with my camera.

As a fellow TA-06 runner, he had no problem sticking my FD in the perfect position.

I love the way the rear lights shine on the exhaust!!! My T.A.ZERO-ROKU is pretty noisy. the Eagle Racing  rear axle is Junk! the drive cups are already chewed and there is so much play. 1/2 price is 1/2 as good.

Please buy the Overdose item!

Anyway, I was getting some good angles.

Here're the guys having fun.

I then went and lay down in the centre of the track as they came around me.

Overdose steering angle is awesome.


This was a great spot to get some new angles.

Getting closer!

Sometimes you turn around and notice something. Even though this is a little out of focus. I love it!

I then jumped back in the DRB. I really love this chassis.

It just works very well.

This shot was through the fence! Sometimes photography is a chance.

Then enter the carbon master.! Dorizaru!

His new creation is another full masterpiece.

Got Carbon! Yes!

I know how difficult it is to apply this stuff and keep the pattern in tact. this really is a wonderful job.

Tamiya body is just right.

But the contrast is amazing.

 Lights ablaze!

but enough photos. Let's drift!

AKB san and others. Arigatou! 今日はありがとう!楽しかった!


  1. Thank you for the wonderful photos of the Porsche 934!
    To feel a sense angle and focus
    Let's also play in MAX-ONE (^ ^)


  2. Your cars are beautiful, and the full carbon Porsche is really original !

  3. Thank you!

    TAKA ^^ made the Porsche.

  4. Yesterday was fun (^ o ^)
    I received an e-mail
    934 is used to advertise ^ ^


  5. Great!!!!

    You did a very nice work!


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