Friday, March 30, 2012

Pan Speed FC Build Update #7 - Final

I am 90% ready to call this complete. Mounted on the DRB tonight.

Currenty wearing Spice TE37 +9 offset and Kazama Premium tyres. Ready for Asamoto-san to test.

The Time Attack livery works well on the FC. Yes I made a few mistakes. But of course, this will not be a shelf queen. I'll be re-enforcing it with Kyosho UV curing FRP to help it last, but I'm going to thrash it.

Rear light buckets are looking good, but I looked at a friends FC the other day I noticed I forgot to mask the reverse light. Doh! Oh well, it's not a competition.

I still need to add LED lights (from another body). I found that the FD light buckets were nearly good enough. I'll still change them in the future for custom ones, but for now I think they are ok. I want to run it SOON! The lights should be a bit further back in the light covers like an R-Magic design, but I'm happy.


  1. Great work man. Totally digg it. I was unsure, if I wanted an FC body, but now I'm sure I do.

  2. Great!!
    We make your FD 1/12 (^ ^)
    For A210


  3. Panellines?

    This is the northcraft shell right? Looks good! Panspeed livery works really well on the FC :)

  4. No this is the Yokomo shell. It's very edgey.

    the RE-Amemiya (North Craft) shell is a lot more rounded and softer.

    I'm in two minds about that one. It can't support a gt wing, so I'm thinking of changing the livery.

  5. Today I added a cool interior. Wait for pics.
    Door cards, dash and cage and a new helmet livery.
    lights to go in soon, but the tokyo weather is bad.
    I was going to go down to waru for debut, but there's a huge storm coming.
    Max Wednesday... maybe

    and Panel lines... Hmmm, I know they look good, but I don't want to use that crap tiny tape. It always peels off. Especially on the front.

    And by pen I always stuff it up.
    I may try the tape again. I have some lying around.

    Taka... FD sounds good

    I have another super GT 1:10 version waiting...

  6. hi, how you painted the lights? Red and yellow color.


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