Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Maximum Fun!

Today at Max One, I had an awesome time.  So many guys were out today and tonight, I spent 8 hours sideways.

 Well almost. I always find time for some photographs. There were a lot of chasers of course and recently the Fnatz or Kunny'z JZX100 have become "THE" bodies for true JDM style. This is the FNATZ version.

Top Line "Jupiter" wheels have also become somewhat "THE" Wheel to have.

This body is indicative of the style. Some might say Chance Circuit style.

Yamada-san's new S15 also getting some action.

Tandem action.

Here are some flags I made for Max One. On days like today, 11 cars on the small track at the same time, you don't need targets for line, the car in front is the target! When there's just you and the track they can come in handy for perfecting your skills.

We set them up on the end of the track. They worked well, just like I envisioned.

Yamada-san immediately On Line and On Target.

Very awesome!

Thanks to all the guys that commented on my FD. I do appreciate it. Now to make my own bodies... Hmmm.

Also, thanks to all the guys who I ran with today... much appreciated! Some of those laps were very intense.  Drift sandwiched between 6 cars and more.

The TA-06 and DRB working pretty well considering.

More JZX Love.

More JZX Love.

More JZX Love. Do I need a JZX? This is Powervehicles D1SL car I designed.

No, I have new bodies on the way. FCs x 2 FD and 280ZX still to come.

Anyway, so much happening, I didn't report on my TA-06 so I'll do a chassis post soon.


  1. It is a good target flag!
    In the M chassis is difficult or not? w


  2. へへ いいですね!



    It's good!
    You can adjust any position up or down, or far on the track.
    good for line practice.


  3. Some day I'll be driving there too... Some day..

    Keep up the good stuff Russ!


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