Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eagle Rac ung ung ing

I'll show you a pay for what you get post.

I'm about to swap out my Eagle Racing Rigid Rear Axle. 2500yen with bearings. Cheap!

I thought there would be nothing wrong with buying the cheaper version. I mean, it's just a straight axle.
Hmmm. WRONG!

I've already had it fall apart in the gear case, but now the drive cups are deformed to the point where there is another 2mm of play in the rear at the shaft. At the wheel that translated to about 10 mm or more on each side.

Believe me, after only maybe 8~10 hours of running, the metal is super soft and it has all but broken.

Eagle Racing = HUNK OF JUNK!   I don't recommend this stuff.

The design is inherently bad. these pins sit under the bearing.

Look at the play in here.

Look at the wear on the pin holes. you can see it's been trashed.

So add it up.

Play at the main shaft, play at the drive cup was up to about 5 degrees. Play left and right also = rubbish!

The front one way bearing is so stiff also. I will eventually have to replace this too as funds allow.

Spend double to begin with and save yourself time and hassle.

To see the Overdose version with no play or a very small amount. Click here.

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